Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Must-Visit: Hicksville Trailer Palace Motel Takes You To A Sanctuary

You’ve lived a very busy life. You’ve been stuck with your demanding work schedule as well as lots of your strenuous errands to survive each day. Seemingly, same old things are happening to your life – day in, day out – and these have become routinary.

However, these things have also put your travel plans on hold and having a getaway with your loved ones and friends have become quite a struggle. This scenario continues until you suddenly felt uneasy and kind of stressed out. You knew you needed a break and yes, you have to make it happen as you truly deserve it.

Deciding where your vacation will be spent is one tough decision. So to help you with this, the following interesting facts about Hicksville Trailer Palace in California are discussed to give you an impression as to how ideal this travel destination is among fellow backpackers and travelers.

Unlocking Its History
It all started with a brilliant idea of the Los Angeles-based writer and director Morgan Higby Night to put up a music haven for his fellow artists to relax, brainstorm, and collaborate. His smart move comes with a noble purpose of bringing various artists together – pampering them with what they exactly need to make their creative juices work well. Launched in April 2010, this sanctuary for music artists has, later on, been made available to the public, especially to those people who appreciate themed-hotels and wish to experience some carefree, positive, and relaxing feel.

Spent his growing years in Central Oregon Trailer Park, Night knew that he was already fascinated with this type of leisure park. His idea to put up his own "themed resort" sprouted from his delight with his favorite hotel, 'The Madonna Inn' in San Luis Obispo. He worked closely with a fellow artist, music producer Ethan Allen, who is the overall in charge of Hicksville’s music side.

A Perfect Den for Musicians and Music Lovers Alike
Rated to be one of the most tranquil travel hubs in California, Hicksville Trailer Palace motel lives up with its intention of making its guests feel the vintage and laidback vibes. Though it has improved its facilities, amenities, and customer service, it still wishes to preserve its being everyone’s “retro-kitsch dream” to keep each guest focused and hopeful to make his or her dreams come true.

If you’re up to some luxurious and premier accommodation with lavish fine-dining experience – well – this travel hub may not be for you. Hence, if you are looking for some relaxing and blithe getaway experience that is good for your “soul-searching” moments, then Hicksville is indeed perfect for you. It assures you of a cozy ambiance that makes you declutter your mind, discern deeply, and nourish your soul.

Truly, spending a weekend or a holiday in here helps you realize that going back to basics is still fun and possible despite today’s height of technology, the internet, and social media use.

Its Amenities are Modest Yet Convenient
Ranging from the solar-heated saltwater pool, various play, activity and sports areas, bars, fire pits, to roof decks with hot tubs, its amenities – though meek and simple – still promise to take you further. Here, you are welcomed by picturesque views, scenic landscapes, beautiful sunsets. and lovely skies, not to mention its accommodating staff and personnel.
With all these and more, this unique trailer palace in California is indeed a good option for that much-awaited getaway with your loved ones and friends.