Monday, April 3, 2017

4 Best Paint Roller Brand Names You Should Never Miss

Are you looking for the most reliable and the best paint roller brand for your most recent planned painting project or DIY home improvement job? Worry no more, the following list is up to lend you a hand so that “I-am-confused-which-brands-to buy” shopping dilemma gets to be solved.

True enough, just like the brushes and the paints you ought to use, choosing the right roller makes all the difference in terms of quality and quantity of work. By just making an extra effort, getting the most suitable paint roller brand for your painting needs will not only give you significantly better finish but can also reward you with quicker and smoother work and cleanup.

LOOK: Here are the Best Paint Roller Brand Names

Take it from the experts and see what roller brands and even the best roller covers they recommend:

Wooster paint rollers change the way you see painting jobs.

This brand is known for its durability, usability, and satisfying finish. This brand is rated to be ideal for both amateurs and professionals, thanks to its being user-friendly that even those who are new in painting jobs can use it.

Those who have tried this, classified it as the one of the most reliable paint roller brands available in the market, thanks to its phenomenal ergonomics, state-of-the-art technology (i.e. quick release), and reliable technical specifications.

Another thing buyers seem to love about it is the brand’s excellent and dependable customer service and after-sales support.

Purdy painting tools have everything you need.

Since the brand believes that every job requires something different, it has come up with a wide range of rollers to cover every application regardless of the quantity and the scope of work.

Purdy roller covers are exclusively designed to give utmost quality and smooth, even finish as its brush counterparts promise to deliver. Available in a variety of sizes which make these great for any painting job, these paint rollers load well, minimize splatter, and release evenly.

Its line has also specific classifications that combine the ideal balance between production and coverage, meeting your requirement for a lint-free finish, heavy duty coverage, or edge to edge application for various surface types, smooth to rough exteriors.

Shur-Line is the best paint roller brand you can trust.

Its manufacturers claim that it is the first and the best paint roller brand made available in 1945. And its years of experience have paved the way for both do-it-yourselfers and professional painters to attain impeccable paint application.

The company’s patented advanced technologies continue to set the standard for quality paint rollers and covers using its thermo-bond process. And because of its tough thermo-bond cores and proprietary fabrics, roller covers are virtually indestructible and can actually roll smoothly every time.

Corona rollers a.k.a. ‘Specialty Rollers’.
Crafted for all types of coatings, surfaces, and conditions, Corona rollers, covers, sleeves, and frames can help you achieve more efficient and really flawless painting jobs. Its top of the line professional frames –available for standard and jumbo diameter roller covers – are unique specifically in terms of concept and construction.

Aimed towards not just meeting the company’s objectives, but most importantly, satisfying the needs and delivering the required finish and painting outcome of the customers, it has serving various industries from corporations to every household. The brand’s ingenuity has taken its toll to adopt new approaches and the most current techniques to meet customers’ changing needs.

Is buying the best paint roller brand really worth it?
The answer is YES. Remember that choosing quality and functional paint roller brands may be quite challenging. BUT when you get to buy the one that is most appropriate to your needs, you surely can maximize its value and your efforts, too.