Monday, April 3, 2017

Check Out These Exquisite Fun Updos For Short Hair

Since your hair is your crowning glory, you need to make sure that it is always ready for a quick, elegantly beautiful yet “never complicated” hairstyle. We enlist in here some fun updos for short hair that you can do all by yourself without “literally” blowing your mind and consuming lots of your time.

 Amazing and Fun Updos for Short Hair that You Should Try

Never Miss this Quick Chic Twisted Updo.

This pretty and easy updo is perfect for a busy mom. Simply twist your hair by dividing your hair into two equal sections and clip one away. Start these fun updos for short hair with the twist by picking up a small section near your temple, keep working down toward your nape, picking up sections and twisting them in, until you have incorporated all the hair.

Wrap the twisted end into a small bun and pin securely in place. Be sure to cross your pins and repeat on the other side. Voila! You can achieve this look in less than five minutes. Cool!

Textured Side Braids Have Always Been One of Those Fun Updos for Short Hair

Turn that bob into a chic and fab updo. Braid the sides of your hair and make sure you keep all the shorter pieces back without using a handful of bobby pins.

Steal this look by making waves and adding grips to the hair. Braid both sides back until they reach the nape of the neck where you can secure the remaining hair into a pinned up messy bun. Such easy and fun updos for short hair, right?

Pinned Up Pixie Only Proves That Bobby Pins are Short-Haired Girl's BFF.

Having a close-to-pixie length hair? No problem, you can still play with it. Simply pull the sides back to the nape of your neck and the bottom up to the center of your head, not forgetting to pin each section as you go along. Tease the hair at the crown of your head before you pin to give you the most alluring look you’ve ever wanted.